Amazing Athletes Powers Family

Core Components of Physical Activity

Amazing Athletes empowers children using sports as a catalyst to engage their inner strengths and abilities so they can confidently pursue an active lifestyle through each stage of development. The curriculum is unique compared to other youth sports programs and is taught in a way that is relatable to kids. Children are introduced to engaging characters that teach them about nutrition (Powers Family), multi-sport fundamentals, muscle movement, and motor skill development (Muscle Zoo). These core components of physical activity with Amazing Athletes become the building blocks to promoting a lifetime of healthy growth for children.

Skill of the Week

Each week is new and just as Amazing as the last, focusing on a new sport and skill. Throughout Amazing Athletes curricula, children can expect to learn the fundamentals of 10 different sports. Sport skills are broken down with step-by-step instructions that are easy for kids to understand and replicate. Once children start to tackle the basics, coaches can help make the skills more challenging for example, teaching one-handed basketball shooting once the two-handed shot is mastered. Check out our social media where every week we post a Skill of the Week video!

Muscle Zoo

This year the Amazing Athletes mascot, Kardio the Kangaroo, is joined by other Muscle Zoo characters. Children work on gross motor (large muscle), fine motor (small muscle), and basic strength training skills each week in class through fun games and activities. Each character is linked to a muscle, muscle movement, and isometric movement. In this way, children are also taught about different wild animals including where they live, what color they are, what food they eat, and what sounds they make.

Powers Family

Another one of the core components of physical activity in the Amazing Athletes curriculum is linking youth sports and nutrition. This helps children develop the skills they need to learn how to properly fuel their bodies to sustain activities. Our Powers Family characters have superpowers that are associated with different fruits and vegetables. By using the Powers Family we can use familiar characters to teach kids about the different nutrient benefits certain foods have, for example, carrots can help our eyesight through vitamin A.

With Amazing Athletes, children are guaranteed to learn so much more than just the fundamentals of sports. Watch as your students master muscle Identification, motor skills, and nutrition!

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