Amazing Athletes Kids Playing with Football

Common Franchisee Backgrounds

Amazing Athletes encourages people of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences to look into starting their own franchise business. During franchisee training, the corporate team trains soon to be franchise owners with the tools, knowledge, and know-how to leave them feeling confident and supported before their grand opening. The one thing we look for during your Discovery Call is PASSION, which cannot be taught. Today we’ll walk through the most common backgrounds franchisees come from and you’ll quickly see the uniqueness of this business model.

Youth Sports Coaches

Some Franchisees already have experience and passion in coaching youth sports teams. To these folks, the Amazing Athletes opportunity is ideal due to the independence that comes with running your own business. However, these coaches may not have vast experience in marketing and sales to scale their business. This is where our corporate team comes in. We’re there to show you the ropes when it comes to growing your business in your local territory!

Teachers/School Directors

Additionally, some Franchisee backgrounds are in early childhood education with no experience covering physical education but are passionate about helping children grow and develop. Luckily, our curriculum not only teaches multi-sport fundamentals. Children also learn –

  • How to care for their bodies by exercising and identifying major muscle groups
  • The building blocks of proper nutrition
  • Fun exercises and games they can play at home or on the playground

Parents and teachers love Amazing Athletes classes because physical activity is coupled with academic pursuits.

Corporate Executives

So you don’t have any experience in early childhood OR physical education? No problem! This should not keep you from this exciting opportunity, as long as you’re passionate about your business you will excel. Many of our Franchisees were stuck in the corporate world yearning for more freedom and autonomy. You can choose to coach classes yourselves or hire coaches to teach for you. Furthermore, you’re free to set your own schedule and choose which tasks to manage yourselves and which to delegate to staff. Franchisee backgrounds range from Marketing and Sales positions to higher-level management roles. In this case, business growth may come as second nature, but we work hard to get you up to speed on working with kids and teaching our proprietary curriculum.

Military Veterans

Amazing Athletes was recently awarded Top Franchises for Veterans by Franchise Business Review. This award was granted in part due to the immense training and support our corporate team provides to Amazing Athletes franchise owners. This support and guidance from our corporate team cover a wide range of areas including operations, business development, franchisor/franchisee relations, and financial opportunity. Additionally, Amazing Athletes offers a discount for up to $5,000 off of the initial franchise fee for veterans when starting their franchise business.

In closing, if you’re wondering how to start an Amazing Athletes franchise, your prior professional experience doesn’t disqualify you from starting off strong. We look for a number of qualities in prospective franchisees: a willingness to work hard, dedication to growing a business, and an excitement about our business model are a few. Most importantly, we offer the tools to teach you to be a successful franchise owner!

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