Hear from Amazing Athletes Franchise Owners

If you're wondering what it's like to own a youth sports franchise, our franchisees have quite a few things to say about their experiences with us. When considering investment opportunities, it's important to look at a company or brand from every angle. For franchises, there is no better measure than the satisfaction and success of its owners. Read through some of their testimonials to learn more about what you can expect when you join our after school franchise.

  • Kristen Yaden Franchise Owner
    I love this community. Each franchisee is genuinely interested and supportive of each others’ growth. And I always feel welcome to call at any time and speak directly to the leadership team to get answers or brainstorm.

    - Kristen Yaden

    Amazing Athletes of East Louisville

  • Jared Taylor Franchise Owner Amazing Athletes
    Our corporate team is very driven to improve and succeed. I love the support and operations that were already in place, I’ve just built off of that over the last several years. Now I’ve got six franchises. I don’t know if I’m blessed, crazy or a little bit of both.

    - Jared Taylor

    Amazing Athletes of Upstate SC

  • Larry Kiernan Franchise Owner Amazing Athletes
    I am extremely satisfied with the quality and amount of training and support provided. It's all there, step-by-step, and the resources are at our fingertips in written, visual and audio form. Support is top-notch and questions are addressed very quickly.

    - Larry Kiernan

    Amazing Athletes of Northern New Jersey