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New Year, New Franchise Business Opportunities

Have you ever had a problem actually sticking to your New Year’s resolutions? You’re not alone! Rather than beginning January 1 with a laundry list of things you want to accomplish in the new year, why not focus on working towards one larger goal and consider starting your own franchise business! Amazing Athletes offers a low cost business model and high profit programs that are designed to operate remotely; making it an easy choice when considering franchise business opportunities. Our corporate team will help your new business thrive, offering limitless support to make sure that you are successful!

Remote Work

Franchise Business Opportunities at Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way most corporate entities conduct business. Amazing Athletes continues to find avenues for growth and adapt the operating model to help franchisees start and run their businesses from home. The start-up process can be broken down into a couple of easy steps that can be done remotely, followed by virtual franchisee training sessions led by our corporate team.

In addition, Amazing Athletes has expanded our capabilities beyond In-Person Classes and Grassroots Marketing to now include Virtual Classes with Amazing Athletes @ HOME and utilize more digital marketing strategies offering more franchise business opportunities.

Corporate Support System

Our corporate team is here to help you navigate the process from the early application stages, through virtual franchisee training and grand openings. We are diligent about providing franchisees with tools for continued success including – monthly marketing strategy guides, mentorship program with successful franchisees, monthly business development training sessions, and more. Remote collaboration with corporate team members and other franchisees is made possible with screen sharing platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, and instant messaging!

Diverse Suite of Programs

It is very apparent that families are still prioritizing physical activities for their children. With some additional modifications in place,In-Person Classes can be offered both indoors and outdoors with social distancing guidelines for safety. Private Classes are on the rise as parents are able to schedule personalized classes for their child and a small group of friends. This allows our franchise owners to be able to host local Amazing Athletes classes anywhere – in nearby parks or backyards! We have also introduced new and improved Virtual Classes for territories where In-Person Classes are not available just yet. All programs are designed to work complementary with a child’s school and parent’s work from home schedule.

Private Classes

Turning to full remote operations has definitely stunted the growth for certain businesses and industries, but not for the Amazing Athletes franchise. In fact, throughout the last month we have added 3 new franchise locations totaling to 166 franchise units across 31 states and 1 international location. In short, it is clear the Amazing Athletes franchise business model is resilient and able to adapt and provide their franchise owners with the tools needed to succeed!

Start the journey to owning your own franchise business!