Child playing tennis

Why Children’s Fitness Franchise Opportunities are Rising in Popularity

It should come as no surprise that children’s fitness business opportunities are growing in popularity, and for lots of important reasons. Amazing Athletes has been at the forefront of that industry since 2006, and today with over 650 locations, we continue to make a name for ourselves in communities all across the country. Here we’ll look at a few reasons why our industry continues to grow, and why partnering with Amazing Athletes is one of the best ways to take advantage of it.

More Kids Need More Exercise

Americans are paying closer attention to their health and to the health of their children. They want their young ones to get plenty of exercise and play time, both indoors and out, and are doing whatever they can to ensure that. Still, the unfortunate fact is, many of our nation’s young people lead very sedentary lives, and today we’re seeing a surprising rise in childhood obesity as a result.  In response, parents in many communities are turning to children’s fitness business opportunities like Amazing Athletes. We provide children with a safe, chaperoned, and professional environment in which to use their muscles, make new friends, and have fun. Parents can feel good about giving their kids the chance to play an organized sport that will keep them moving, and kids can have some good old-fashioned fun.

Team Sports Teach Valuable Lessons

Schools emphasize team sports for some very good reasons: in addition to providing students with an opportunity to forge bonds and learn new skills, a team sport activity teaches young people some valuable life lessons — and parents want to give their kids the chance to learn them. Through a fun, non-competitive, educational environment, Amazing Athletes instructors are able to nurture confidence, build self-esteem, and help children develop a teamwork mentality that will go a long way in life. When you open your children’s fitness business opportunity with us, you’ll be providing the children in your community with the chance to build on and learn from those same important lessons. 

Parents and Schools Appreciate the Help

It’s no secret that many parents are busier than ever, leaving less time to see to the recreational needs of their children; at the same time, many schools are making cuts to their physical education programs in order to devote more time to reach academic benchmarks. Amazing Athletes helps to address this imbalance by visiting daycare centers and schools to provide weekly activities that teach foundational athletic skills. Our afterschool programs keep kids engaged and having fun, and our summer camps are always a popular option with families everywhere. 

A Recognized and Respected Brand Name

Amazing Athletes has been recognized by Entrepreneur as a top 500 franchise for four consecutive years, rated as one of the highest children’s sports development programs in the country. Furthermore, our comprehensive training and support means it’s easier than you might think to get you Amazing Athletes franchise up and running — all of which makes us a standout among children’s fitness business opportunities.

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