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Starting a Children’s Fitness Business: Franchising vs. Entrepreneurship

Congratulations on deciding to take the starting steps in your professional career by starting your own business! Now, let’s take another step by assessing your options. We have helped plenty of entrepreneurs start up their own business by franchising, and we did the same in our early days. Our Amazing Athletes team of children’s fitness business experts know the differences and difficulties that might come with both, so we want to help you. Read along and determine which path of business ownership is best for your experience and why a franchise model might be the best bet for any inspired individual. 

Branding Your Business 

You’ve started an independent business, your unique value is defined, and you have a dedicated team to help build your dream. Everything looks like smooth sailing from here on out — however, there is one crucial issue to address. Nobody knows who you are. A tad harsh yes, however, that is the reality for fresh independent businesses — a problem that owners might never find a solution for. Lackluster consumer awareness can be the Achilles’ heel for practically any business model, regardless of how ‘trailblazing’ or ‘cutting-edge’ your service may be. 

Our Amazing Athletes support team does not just highlight the importance of brand awareness strategies, we prioritize it when building your new business. Our business has been established for years and parents are already raving about what our health education programs have been able to do for their kids. While word of mouth will play a role in building your client base, we will also hand you over pre-made marketing materials and help develop your web presence — resources are customizable to spread the word about your location. 

Finding the Right Environment

Finding the right environment is essential, and not just for a children’s fitness business — it’s a priority for businesses of all industries. For an independent business owner, finding your clients isn’t always easy. Although you know your customers are out there, you could miss out on exposure to the right faces with poor business placement. And when you start a standalone business, you’re committed to that space. That could include contractual obligations of rent, utilities, furniture: which, to us, just sounds like more and more capital down the tubes. 

Amazing Athletes children’s fitness business is a mobile opportunity that takes away the anxiety of deciding on the best square inches for your business ownership dream. One of the most important aspects of an early childhood business is placing your service in a safe environment that gives your parents peace of mind. We are able to bring our classes right to the schools and daycares where our young students are already learning valuable lessons every day. Since our business model is mobile, you won’t have to commit yourself to a single location, opening your franchise up to a wider range of clients. 

Knowing Your Expenditures

For the first few months of a new independent business owner’s timeline, financing and allocation of funds are a big question mark. You might not know all of the areas in your business that you’ll have to allocate capital towards, and unexpected situations can lead to quick spending — even a dried-up bank account. A business is a financial journey and when you embark on your own, you’re at higher risk of getting shipwrecked. When you start a business with a franchise like Amazing Athletes, you’re taking on your journey with the best navigation in the industry.

Our investment model is both easy to understand and reasonable for new and multi-unit owners alike. We will go over each cost with you, assess your unique situation, and determine a price point that puts you in the best position possible. And with a nationally acclaimed price-point, you can be sure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck. 

Would you like to know more about the required investment for a children’s fitness business with Amazing Athletes? Please feel free to contact us today!