Kids playing soccer

5 Benefits of a Kids Fitness Franchise Investment with Amazing Athletes

If you haven’t heard of what the Amazing Athletes kids fitness franchise brand has to offer, then you’ve come to the right place! Our franchise development team has worked on perfecting the best process for onboarding and supporting franchisees of a variety of backgrounds. Take a second and discover five of the major benefits that come along with an Amazing Athletes franchise investment. 

1. An Affordable Investment

While many franchisors may insist they have a lower investment than other major brands, we have reputable sources to back our claim. Amazing Athletes was recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as being one of the  Top 100 Franchises for Less Than $50,000 in 2019. If you would like to learn more about the investment, our franchise disclosure document lays out every cost purpose and total. 

2. A Mobile Business

Convenience is king, and when it comes to giving your clients the best customer experience possible, a mobile business is best. When you have a fixed-location business, you have to rely on customers making the time to visit your location. With same-day delivery and in-home consultations becoming more and more standard for other popular brands, it’s hard to ignore the advantage that this convenience provides. By having a business on wheels, you will be able to bring your service to any schools or daycare centers in your community without them having to move from their location. 

3. No Experience Needed

Oftentimes certain opportunities come with extensive lists of prerequisites that are almost impossible to fulfill. Our Amazing Athletes kids fitness franchise owners come from a range of backgrounds because we’re able to get them up-to-speed on how to run one of our franchises.

4. In-Depth Training and Continuous Support

Thanks to our in-depth training, you’ll never have to worry about falling behind industry trends. We go through the instructional methods and teaching programs we use. Our team will also help find new customers and implement targeted marketing campaigns with the focus of building up your business. This preliminary training is a fantastic supplement to the ongoing support given to all franchisees. This includes pre-made marketing materials that can be customized to your specific community. 

5. A Direct Impact to Your Community’s Youth 

Another benefit of an Amazing Athletes franchise is the message and mission behind our service. The skills and lessons that we give our students are all to help teach them healthy habits and the importance of physical education. Many schools and educational centers don’t always prioritize the importance of getting outside and active. That’s why they call Amazing Athletes!

The benefits of an Amazing Athletes kids fitness franchise investment certainly don’t stop there! Contact us today and learn more about the Amazing Athletes brand today.