Amazing Athletes coaches and kids

The Steps to Starting a Children’s Fitness Business with Amazing Athletes

There are many benefits to going into business for yourself, especially if you do so as a franchise owner. The franchise model takes a lot of the guesswork out of starting a business, in part because most brands lay out the process of becoming part of their family in easy-to-follow steps. An Amazing Athletes franchise opportunity is certainly no different, and if you’re interested in starting a children’s fitness business with us, you’ll appreciate how straightforward and transparent the process is. Let’s take a brief look at it, here.

Getting to Know Each Other

The first step in your journey to becoming part of the Amazing Athletes family is 

to complete and submit an Amazing Athletes Initial Inquiry. Once we receive it, a representative will contact you to confirm your application and set up a time for an introductory call. This call will give us a chance to get to know each other a bit and to find out more about you and your goals, and to give you a chance to ask us any questions you might have. If it feels like our values and expectations align, we’ll e-mail you a web-brochure with links to program videos, a fee structure sheet, benefit statistics, and more. We’ll follow up a few days later to make sure you received the information and to schedule a discovery call, during which time we’ll go over specifics in greater detail.

Fill Out a Request for Ownership Application

Once we’ve established a mutual interest in working together and we’ve answered whatever questions you might still have about the Amazing Athletes franchise opportunity, we’ll ask that you fill out a Request for Ownership Application. This application allows us to be sure you’re ready to be part of our brand family. It will include a background check and a confidentiality agreement on the trade secrets you might be privy to during the rest of the investment process.

Receive Our Franchise Disclosure Document 

The next step is to receive and thoroughly read our franchise disclosure document (FDD). An FDD is a very important document that spells out in detail what a children’s fitness business with us entails. It will go over all the fees involved, both one-time and ongoing, and what is expected of you as a franchisee. It’ll also thoroughly lay out what responsibilities we have to you in the way of training and support. Because this document is so important, you’ll have a minimum of 14 days to read it, perhaps with an attorney, so that you understand completely what is involved when you take advantage of the Amazing Athletes franchise opportunity.

If you still have questions or concerns, we’ll try and schedule a time for you to view an actual class. And during this time, too, while you’re securing and reviewing financing for your new business, we’ll be busy with the territory-building process that’ll be based on your unique location.

Let’s Get Started!

Congratulations! You’ve signed your franchise agreement, paid your franchise fee, and are now an Amazing Athletes franchise owner. We’ll make sure you receive thorough training and support before, during, and after you open your doors and will continue to address any questions, concerns, or ideas you might have throughout your relationship with us. We believe being there for our franchisees is not only something they deserve but something our brand name depends on.

So, what are you waiting for? Find out more about an Amazing Athletes franchise opportunity and get in touch today!