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The Number of Women Franchise Owners is Climbing! The Advantages Our Opportunity Provides

Amazing Athletes has a fantastic kids fitness franchise ownership opportunity available and we are calling on excited entrepreneurial-minded women to get involved! 
If you want to transfer your business management, education, or other valued skills into a business of your own, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better opportunity to do so than an Amazing Athletes franchise. Let’s take a look at some of the evolving trends of the franchising ownership landscape, what advantages our model provides you, and how we will help you get started!

Recent Increases in Women Owning Franchises

Waves have been made in the franchising world and it seems like more and more franchise business ownership roles are being taken by women. Entrepreneur reported that between 2011 and 2017, female franchise ownership jumped by 83 percent, 70 percent higher than male owners in the same sample. There are plenty of reasons for that, which are often be associated with industry demand, franchisor support, or any number of advantages a particular brand can provide. Amazing Athletes provides plenty of those advantages and many more for the corporate woman looking for some change in her professional life or any other prospective franchisees who want to see what it takes to open up a kids fitness franchise.  

Ability to Obtain or Maintain a Hold on Personal Life 

Have you noticed that your corporate position is causing you to lose track of some of the important aspects of your personal life? Do you want to own a business, but are afraid that the commitment might be too time-consuming? The Amazing Athletes kids fitness franchise ownership experience is different. 
When you own an Amazing Athletes franchise, you won’t be locked down to a desk from nine-to-five. You won’t have corporate higher-ups observing your every move. When your business succeeds, we all succeed. What you put into an Amazing Athletes franchise is what you get out of it. Amazing Athletes kids fitness franchise owners are able to save time for their family, friends, and favorite hobbies. 

Complete Startup Training 

If you feel like your lack of experience in either fitness or education might disqualify you from the Amazing Athletes franchise investment, think again! When you become a part of the team, we show you the ropes of what you will need to know about the role and support you throughout the life of your business. The training that we provide equips you with methods of instruction to go by, curriculum, introduction to targeted marketing campaigns, strategies to identify potential clients, and the use of our software systems. This in-depth training helps us widen the pool of potential business owners and make sure all of our franchisees start off on the best path possible. 

Would you like to learn more about the Amazing Athletes brand or educate yourself further on the evolving trends of the industry? Contact us today!